DREMA TOUR 2024: Embark with us on the largest wood and furniture industry event tour in Poland!


Spectacular demonstrations of woodworking machines and tools, a substantial dose of expertise and, of course, the trade fair space - the DREMA TOUR series of events is an opportunity for business meetings, as well as an exchange of experience and good practices.

Another difficult year has passed for the wood and furniture industry. The challenges posed by the economic crisis and the monetary policy decisions that followed it negatively affected the sales performance of Polish and foreign companies. Shortages of specialized labor and the continuous increase in production costs drastically lowered the mood of representatives of the wood industry. The year 2024 promises positive changes that will promote the development of the sector and strengthen the competitiveness of Polish companies.

- Today, key trends are noticeable, such as increased awareness of sustainability, growing interest in ecology, and the rapid development of technology, especially automation and artificial intelligence. Companies are focusing on providing greener solutions, using innovative technologies, and offering specialized services tailored to the needs of conscious customers. All of this will be on display at the scheduled events as part of the DREMA Tour 2024," says Andrzej Półrolniczak, director of DREMA and Dremasilesia. - The future of the wood and furniture industry will depend on many factors, including changing consumer expectations, advancing technological innovations and regulatory regulations. Companies that are flexible and ready to adapt to changing market conditions will have a better chance of success.


On April 19-21, the International Congress Center in Katowice will host the first of three key events in the DREMA TOUR series: Dremasilesia.
This is an excellent opportunity for smaller industry representatives to meet and talk with leaders in the wood and furniture sector.

As part of the ACADEMY module, event participants will be able to take advantage of the conference zone, which will feature lectures, workshops and debates with specialists. Invited experts will address topics related to preventing the negative effects of the crisis through, among others, robotization and automation of production facilities, or promotion of Polish companies on the international arena. Another important issue will be sustainable development, the idea behind the New European Bauhaus-certified events. The demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products can be seen in customer expectations.

In the SHOWS module, fair participants will be able to observe the operation of woodworking machines and tools in practice. A dedicated space will allow exhibitors to demonstrate the latest technological solutions, responding to market needs and current trends. The products that will be created during the three days of the event will be donated to a worthy cause.

The TRADE ZONE is the right place to present your offer in front of potential business partners, as well as an opportunity to hold numerous talks and meetings that foster unity and cooperation between Polish and foreign industry representatives.

The strategic partner for the tour is The Tools magazine and Narzędzioholicy.pl

Detailed information is available at: www.dremasilesia.pl